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Gourmet Meal

About Us

Gourmet Foods at Wholesale Prices

Meet the chef and delivery man behind our company and learn how we work to deliver only the best and most choice quality foods to your door. 

Our Story

From the very beginning, Chef Tom knew that great food starts with great ingredients. Years of experience, culinary school, and restaurant/hotel kitchens gave him a discerning eye for flavor and an understanding of how to find and acquire the best products on the market. Once Chef Tom realized he could provide these high-quality products to families in their homes, the concept of American Gourmet was created.

Bringing the store to your door!

Our Story

Meet Chef Thomas

Founder/owner & chef Tom Connelly has been in the food service industry for over 40 years, after graduating from Newbury College’s first graduating culinary class in 1984. Over the years, his mentors have included some of the best and brightest culinary minds, such as chefs Francois Dubois, Danny Wisel, Paul Perdone, Phil Lamonzo, & Willie Webber. After working in restaurants and hotels in both Boston and Martha's Vineyard, Chef Tom launched an exclusive catering and delivery business as part of American Gourmet, which has been successful since 1984. 

Meet Chef Thomas

Food Safety

High Quality Means Strict Regulations

Because we work exclusively with high-quality restaurant/hotel-level vendors, regulations are very strict for all the foods we purchase and we are not allowed to alter packaging by law. This means you can be rest assured, knowing that all of our meat products are USDA-approved, certified, and sealed in USDA federally inspected facilities. 

The Best Quality, Guaranteed!

We guarantee everything we do. If you don't like a case of your products, keep it in the freezer and give us a call. We will refund the entire case if you return more than half a box of unused food. We'll even give you some credit for what is remaining of a partial case.

  • 100% money back or credit if your return includes more than half a box. You will receive a full credit, but you need to hold your return product in the freezer for Chef Tom to pick up from you.

  • Don’t feel guilty about returning, Chef Tom eats everything, it is not wasted!

You can't go wrong!

Food Safety/Guarantee


Reach out with any questions, we're at your service.

We are typically on the road delivering to our valued customers. To reach us quickly give us a call or text us and we'll respond as soon as we're able. 


American Gourmet

Londonderry, NH 03053

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