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Image by Mark DeYoung


Reliable taste and flavor from the best poultry vendors.

  1. BAKE—A La Henry: stuffed with bread, celery, onion, & raw herbs, natural skin-on breast

  2. BAKE—Chicken Cordon Bleu: Canadian bacon & Swiss cheese inside a boneless, skin-on breast (A La Henry)

  3. BAKE—Chicken Pot Pie

  4. BAKE—Chicken Fingers (Bell & Evans): raw, pre-breaded, pre-browned, oven-ready

  5. GRILL—Chicken Fajita (Perdue): fully cooked on the grill, sliced into strips

  6. GRILL—Chicken Cutlets (Bell & Evans): thin-cut

  7. GRILL—Bourbon Chicken: gluten-free in a bourbon marinade

  8. Roast Duck (Maple Leaf Farms): 6 fully roasted semi-boneless duck halves

  9. Turkey Tips: gluten-free in a bourbon marinade, 7-9 large tips per package

Click below to see the full  pricing sheet:

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