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Wild Game

Most of our wild game is shipped from New Zealand (venison, wild boar, bison, antelope, ostrich), while the remainder is purchased from a variety of other vendors. 

*****Be sure to call in advance, as wild game orders require additional time.****

  1. Bison (Ground) Great Western

  2. Roast Duck (Maple Leaf Farms): 6 fully roasted semi-boneless duck halves

  3. Elk: different cuts available

  4. Frog Legs: jumbo

  5. Gator: packages of boneless tail meat

  6. Ostrich Filets: breast meat only

  7. Pheasant: whole, skin-on with giblets

  8. Quail: semi-boneless, 6 - 1 lb. packages

  9. Rabbit: market, 2 whole rabbits with giblets

  10. Venison/Rack of Red Deer: 8 two-rib racks

  11. Wild Boar Rack: 2 roasts, 7 ribs each)

  12. Wild Game Sausage Combo: 3 packages of each kind, 4 links per package)

  13. Wild Boar Sausage: cranberries & Shiraz wine; Pheasant Sausage: cognac & bacon; Venison Sausage: Merlot & blueberries

Click below to see the full  pricing sheet:

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